Hello sweathearts!
A few weeks ago I share with my friends on facebook a video and some articles about black girls hair.

I have been so surpreended with the amount of videos on youtube about black girls hair journey that I decided to share with you what I’ve been through.


These videos and blogs become a big influence and such a good encouragement to me. And when I say natural, I really mean that…no relaxation or any kind of chemicals on my hair!

I kind of see the beauty of our hair through these videos. Yeah, you hear me…kinky hair is B E A U T I F U L!!!

The thing is, most of us (black girls with kinky hair) don’t know how to maintain our hair for the long term. That’s the reason why it doesn’t grow as much as caucasians girls hair. It’s not because african hair has a slow hair grow. But because of the curl pattern in our hair that makes us have the driest hair of all race causing excessive breakage.

You don’t believe, that our hair can grow as much as Whites, Asians, Indians or Hispanics? So, check this blogs and videos (hope you get as inspired and amazed as myself):

1. KimmyTube (video)

2. Os diferentes tipos de cabelo africano

3. woman hair story (video)

4.long hair don’t care

5. CharyJay’s

6. amazing book about hair grow – buy book